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� Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard offers a realistic playing feel
� 24 Voices including several grand piano voices, and a wide variety of highly practical voices for keyboard players, including Stage E.Piano, DX E.Piano, Jazz Organ, Strings and more. The P-225 also features E.Clavichord and Vibraphone Voices.
� 71 preset songs, including 21 demo songs that are appropriate for each Voice
� Practice with headphones (sold separately) and a built-in metronome
� Recording function lets you listen to your playing objectively
� 20 rhythm accompaniments are available in genres such as rock, pop, jazz, and bossa nova
� Built-in Bluetooth audio lets you pair with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet so you can play along with favorite music through the instrument's speakers. An external adapter is not required.
� Sound Boost function that switches to a punchy and powerful sound that helps you cut through the mix
� Two-way speaker system delivers expansive sound
� Stereophonic Optimizer lets players enjoy the dispersed sound heard when sitting in front of an acoustic piano. This provides a comfortable, natural experience that removes the drawbacks of performing with headphones.
� Button-style interface that makes it easy for anyone to use
� "Smart Pianist" digital piano app lets you intuitively perform all operations on the P-145 from the screen of your smart device.
� The Smart Pianist app comes with PDF scores of 303 classical pieces for practice

P-225 Specifications

Number of Keys: 88
Key Type: GHC keyboard with matte black keytops
Touch Response: Yes (Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed)

Yamaha P225 B 88-Key Digital Piano - Black

SKU: VFG1020
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