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The Joyo Clean Glass is a Fender blackface Amp sim that will knock your socks off with the distinctive clean Fender sound in a tiny portable package. Think of it as a mini Fender amp you can use to record direct to your computer or mixing board. Or you could stick it in front of your existing clean amp to get a more Fender like sound. Like its name Clean Glass, it can do crystal clear ice Fender clean tones. But turn up the Gain and turn up the Voice and you can get a throaty overdrive with sustain and saturation. What's good about this pedal is the flexibility. Watch the demo below around 19-24 minutes where he goes through a huge palette of tones. Clean and dirty, warm or brittle, whatever you want it'll do you good. One special feature of the Ironman series is the cover that flips over the controls to protect your carefully dialed in settings from getting changed accidentally. Set it and forget it! A nice little bonus is the LED light glows through the cover when engaged for a cool visual effect.

  • Flippable cover design to protect your settings!
  • True Bypass
  • Volume, Drive, Tone and Voice Controls
  • Sturdy and solid. These were made to last.
  • Dimensions: 1 1/2" W x 2 3/4" H x 1 1/2" D
  • Uses a standard Boss style 9V AC Adapter

Joyo - Clean Glass Amp Sim

SKU: JF-307
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