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The Penta Harp simplifies the harmonica by giving players easy access to one of the most useful scales in rock and blues music without the need for advanced techniques. The tonal layout is the Blues Scale, which is a Minor Pentatonic scale with the added �blue note�. It allows to create expressive melodies and solos quickly and easily, and to never play a wrong note!

  • Based on the well-established Special 20 harmonica, the perfect beginner�s instrument thanks to its ABS comb and recessed reed plates
  • The tonal layout is the minor pentatonic scale with the added �blue note�, so no bending is needed to play the blues scale
  • Large tonal range: three complete blues scales on one 10-hole diatonic harmonica
  • No change in the blow-draw cycle is needed when playing scales (unlike for Richter harmonicas between holes 6 and 7), which makes intuitive playing even easier

Hohner - Pentaharp Harmonica

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