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The PQL-6060-00 is the perfect option to replace and upgrade the nut on your Epiphone guitar. It is also a great option for many other common acoustic and electric guitars. It comes pre-slotted to make for a quick and easy install. TUSQ XL is engineered from the same material as TUSQ and is impregnated with PTFE which is five times more slippery than graphite. It has all the tonal benefits of TUSQ, bringing out the hidden harmonics of your guitar all while drastically improving tuning performance.

  • Teflon-infused material provides the slickest string slots possible
  • Virtually eliminates the possibility of string binding at the nut
  • Improves tuning performance
  • Self-lubricating Teflon design ensures peak performance and long-lasting durability
  • Highly-resonant material enhances your guitar's tone

Graph Tech Guitar TUSQ Xl Epiphone Style Slotted Nut

SKU: PQL-6060-00
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