Payment Policy



  • Pay FIRST 4 sessions (30 mins)for $110

  • Prepay LAST 4 sessions (30 mins) for $110

  • Total payment = $220


1. How much do the classes cost?


Just $27.50 for a session (30 mins) with our great and amazing music teachers.


2. Why calculate per session? Why not monthly?


Well, from the way the calendar is constructed, there can either be 4 sessions or 5 sessions in a month.


3. Cool! How do I pay to get started?


Just pay for your classes, we have NO registration / administration fees like other schools!


The initial payment requires you to pay for 2 months worth of classes.


4. Wait, hold on. Why 2 months?


The 1st month is for your first month of classes and the 2nd month is for your last month of classes with Play Music.


This allows us to hold your timeslot for the following months to come. It is an assurance for both the school and you.


When you decide that it is your last month with us, you will use up your  2nd month payment!


5. Okay got that! So when is my next payment due after I am done with my 1st month?


When the 1st month is up, payment for the next month is due on the 1st week of that next month; regardless of the make up classes you have on credit.